She comes from and lives in Bielsko-Biała together with her husband  Krzysztof and sons: Gustaw and Jan. 

She has always been fascinated with painting, what resulted in her interests.   
As a teenager she painted with crayons and pastels. She completed the Two Years’ College of Historic Monuments Preservation in the class of  stucco works,  Teacher Training College, School of  Business Coaches  Post-Graduate School of History of Fine Art.

She worked as a teacher  and conducted training for many years.

Ewa Woźniak Kanik
inspiracje Ewa Woźniak Kanik


She draws inspirations from everyday life. She adores photographs of Steve McCurry. His photographs are the inspiration for lots of her works. She has always admired Malczewski, same as Podkowiński, Mehoffer and the brothers of Gierymski. Until nowadays there has been longing in her for staring at a work which is absolutely perfect for her. She never misses an opportunity to see Turner „live“ in London.   In Vienna she always checks current exhibitions at Albertinie, the Leopold Museum. There, she admires the abundant collection of Freud’s paintings.

From the moment she discovered Karin Jurick at Pinterest she is her faithful fan. For her she painted a figure of a girl on the beach, and the painting is a part of a private collection.

inspiracje Ewa Woźniak Kanik


Her own children and the surrounding world provide inspirations for her. Paining of figures of children, animals, beach scenes, meadows, trips from common family walks brings her joy.

She always paints on Mondays.

She is prodded to activity by the thought of Miłosz „that, hardly written, losses its meaning“ -  from this there is a need to paint, to record every-day reality with a brush.

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